snow uni

hey everyone this might sound really stupid but yeah I had an idea…

You know how you can buy a front ski for you bike… to ride in the snow… well I was thinking about making same thing for a unicycle… any ideas ?

how would you move? With the ski on the front of a bike your rear wheel still powers you.

You would have to go downhill, then it would just pretty much be a snowboard with a seat.

yep ud have to go downhill thats for sure

I was trying to figure out how to build one last year. They already have similar things for people missing a leg. My idea was to get one of those little snow blade things, and put a frame and seat on it with some pegs just above the ski. Think It would be nearly impossible to ride though. one other idea I had was to put to small ski at a 30-45 degree angle on each side, so when you lean to turn it touchs balances and helps you turn. mabye with a couple people working on ides we could get something that would work.

You would have to go downhill,yes, but it would be interesting to see it be done.

The Impossible Ski

That would be hot.


USA founder Bill Jenack used to have one. He called it the Uni Ski. It consisted of a seat attached to a single ski (this was before snowboards). There was a picture in an old USA Newsletter of somebody (possibly Sem Abrahams) taking it down a hill. I don’t know how it steered.

You could stick a seat on a snowboard, but it would be a variation on a snowboard and hardly a unicycle…

probly steer the same as a snowboard…very controlled leaning… hmmmmmm