Snow Turtle

So awesome! I wanna see a street vid of you.

So sweet! I love SnUni!:smiley:

Very nice, looks like a lot of fun!

What a fun video! Nice riding.

great video.You leave me a little envious of your riding skill and great location.


Looks like super fun! It’s getting darker and colder here, but seeing your video made me think that winter might not be that bad.

hahaha… that was an awesome video. Snow Muni looks like a lot of fun :smiley:

That was tight! Especially the snow uni!

Wow :), very nice!

Very frosty and cool! Fun and nice edits…

Great Vid

Great video Turtle! That looks like a blast!

(in S. Calif, where it doesn’t snow…at least where I live) :frowning:

Very nice! Awesome job riding, filming and editing. Now I can’t wait for the snow! Are you riding a 24" in this?

thanks fo the comments.
i’m riding a 26" (i sold the 24")… it was a great afternoon: 2.5 hours of riding and filming, half an hour of editing and done! :smiley:

thats insane… in a good kinda way!
Nice drop from the roof top.
The snow at the beginning looks like its above your knees… surprising you can ride at all in that!

great riding and control with your skids! Found the music a bit hokey though. fun vid to watch. I want to see more of your riding turtle- show us some of those nasty narrow cliffline trails i see you post in the ‘pictures of your latest ride’ thread in a video!

That’s great Wuni Turtle, I didn’t know the Wuni season has already started. I will surely ride in the snow again this winter, but I’d rather not have snow and ride like the summer, t-shirt and shorts!:stuck_out_tongue: