Snow Trials- WUNI

Hey, well i stuck this here because i figured its not quite a unicycle tutorial so. anyways i just wanted to know if you guys have any tips for riding trials in the winter. we’ve been having a terrible winter up in canada this year (as many of you know from watching the olympics) and instead of powder, i have super slippery slush, patches of ice, patches of pwder here and there and a lot of water. its mild during the day but very cold at night making for odd weather (this morning we gained 7cm of snow but lost about 9cm by the late afternoon) so i was wondering if you have any tips on how to ride in this sorta stuff. thanks

careful when you talk about the weather in Canada, Sometimes I feel we even have to remind Canadians that canada is really big…

I am guessing you are in BC, probably not that cold there so my advice might not apply.

You mention trials in the title. If it is quite cold out you probably want to avoid using a Try-All or Creepy Crawler tire. A studded Luna is probably the ultimate cold weather (-20 to -40) trials tire for ice covered lines. If you are doing metal rails you meed to make sure that you have enough lugs with no studs on it.

If you are riding in slushy or loose snow there are two ways that you can go, either go with a tall and skinny wheel to cut through the loose stuff and get down to the solid base underneath (I used a 27x1 1/4" (630x32) wheel) or use a big tall wide high volume tire to try to float over the snow and have the most traction on the loose stuff (I generally use a 26x3, 36ers are fun too but don’t have quite as much float). Of-course if you are using a 36er you need to use longer cranks than you would usually ride, I liked 170s if I was plowing through 6-8" of fresh snow.

Studded tires can be nice on trail rides if you are expecting to encounter a lot of ice, if there is no ice on the trail then studs are just dead weight and worse.

Good luck with the riding. I really enjoy winter riding since it enables me to take many trails which are not ridable in summer. (frozen water is easier to ride on than the liquid variety :slight_smile: )

I’m guessing he’s not in BC, our weather has been extremely mild. (unless UniB lives up north.) My bet is on Ontario:D

Sorry for no extra advice, saskatchewanian covered pretty much everything.

I think he’s in Ontario too, I’ve got the same temperature here in the last week. It’s aweful. I dont really have an advice for you, when I ride in the snow I just ride, I dont have anything that I do in the snow I wouldn’t do without snow. I dont ride much trials in the snow thought. Just make sure you dont jump on ice because you’ll fail:p

YA, i live in Ontario, south of the GTA. really bizarre weather. i would agree and just go out and ride the only thing is black ice…which is no fun since its hard to see and hard to ride on. maybe ill try going out today and see what happens. I’ve been thinking about swtiching my CC for a Luna, but I’m not quite sure since i like natural trials in the summer, and have heard the luna isnt good for that. Anyways ill go out for a ride today and see what happens.thanks for trying anyways.

(and for those of you who care :stuck_out_tongue: , i live south of the south ontario ridges, coming off lake ontario, which can give us some really bizarre weather)

Hey, the luna is awesome for winter, and I love it for Trials, I’d rather ride a Luna than a Try-all seriously. But this summer I’m gonna ride a 2.7 monty, I’ll try a CC or an MEC when I’ll need a new tire, if I dont like those I’ll just go back to the Luna!

Today it’s really sunny here, last week we had snow with like 2 degres Celcius and it was really slushy outside.

Its going up to 4 or 5 degrees celcius here today, overcast and a moderate chance of more rain/snow. slushy and wet.

Riding today ended up awesome :smiley: I taught my friend how to ride and hes just starting to get into trials too, so we spent about a half hour building a trials line of wood (using hardwoods, softwods, an old ramp, and some planks) this made it so we werent so worried about slush. it didnt end up mattering though because, the high ended up to be like 8 degrees celcius! everything melted. it ended up to be an awesome spring day, no wind, patches of snow, slush and puddles with the sun out :smiley: we had a great time and some good practice in.