Snow Tires

Will these tires fit on this unicycle?

If not then what do you recommend for that unicycle for snow riding?


I have Nokian W106 tires. My fork is too narrow for the 200+ stud tires, so I had to choose between 106 and 160 studs. I was cheap and bought the 106. It works great on ice, but the pattern is too small for slush. The more open 160 stud tire would have been better for those occasions.

The pic of your choice seems kind of small, too. It does depend on your needs though, after all. Where are you going to ride and in what kind of weather? I am commuting on pavement that gets plowed quite quickly (not instantly, though).

It also depends on your rim size what you can choose (and what your LBS carries, of course).

The link to Nokian site:

Disclaimer: I am Finnish and actually a small shareholder, Nokian is a publicly listed company.

The Extreme 294 seem like they would be a good choice. You want a wide tire with an open tread if riding in snow.

Only I don’t think that they are in the MEC catalogue. A good bike shop should be able to get them for you though.