Hello everyone. Took my uni out in the snow again - this time I actually managed to spend some time ON the unicycle (as opposed to falling off repeatedly). I still fell a lot, but had a blast. A great way to spend a snowy afternoon. Hope you enjoy:

P.S. The hills were actually pretty steep in places - the camera never really shows that, but I’m definitely flapping those arms for a reason :smiley:

Looks fun.

How much harder is it to ride in the snow vs. dirt (minus traction on the pedals)?

It’s a lot of fun - I never imagined being able to ride a uni in the snow when I first started. I’ve only ever ridden on hard-packed dirt (my first vid is on the same trails minus the snow - )

So far, I find the snow MUCH harder than dirt (witness the arm flapping) - any imbalance or slipping seems to be magnified by the lack of traction. I think if I was a much better rider, it wouldn’t make that much difference. Luckily, I still have a long winter ahead in which to improve :smiley: Combining my unicycling with my kid’s tobogganning was an added bonus. Fun all around.