snow riding and grinding

today i was out for my first ride in the snow ever (which was great) and was doing some sweet power slides, and realized that it is the same as grinding. the technique is no different. so for you guys posting about grinding, and if it snows near you, work on some power slides. get a riding start, wait till your pedals line up, then push your back pedal forward and down, and you will get a pleasant surprise.

Forgive my lack of unicycle physics skill/knowledge, but I visualize myself doing that and landing on my face.

After you slide, how do you recover? Just by starting to pedal once you slow down enough? On a hill or flat ground? Any kind of tire?

or butt!

this was my first time trying it so im by no means an expert. i never tried sliding more than a couple feet but i would recover by pedalling again. it works best on a hill but i did some mini power slides on flat ground. i have a 24x3 knobby tire.

You will definitely land on your back rather than face. Atleast this is what happens to me.

I’m heading out to try it… we got another inch or so of snow today, so it should be wonderful… I’ll let you know what the results are for landing on face vs. butt.

Well I tried it a few times, it was cold out so it was a relatively short ride. I’d say it was very close to 50/50 for the landing on face to butt ratio. I did get it a bunch of times where I got a good slide in and pulled out of it by pedaling again. You just never know how slippery it’s going to be in a given spot. Sometimes your tire sticks better than you expect it to, and other times it’s a little slipperier than you expect it to be. Lots of fun if you can get a good one in though.

I only tried it on shiny glare ice. That’s why I didn’t slip forwards

Ive tried a lot of time it, and now Im waiting for the snow to do this trick this year…
I can assure you It`s not hard! And even if you fall you fall on something soft!!!:smiley: