snow ride

Two points for the weather man! Snow was predicted and
snow’s what we got. Opened the doors of the boat to a
fluffy white world at 7:00am. Six inches! First thought
‘let some air out of the gazz’. The herring fleet
(fisherpersons for the landlubbers out there) has already
exhausted all possible iterations of ‘where’s the other
wheel’ so they just stare blankly from their boats as I head off
down the dock. This is tough. Better wheel the uni to safer
soil. Don’t want a repeat of last year’s icy dip.

Mounting is a problem. I’m usually solid on the 26" with 175mm
cranks but today I’m 0 for 2. I start to consider my technique
but testosterone takes over and I’m off to a wobbly start. Wow,this is work. Momentum, that’s it. Pedal faster, faster… Perhaps it’s me but gyroscopic advantage at uni speeds is a myth!

I’m getting the hang of this now. Pedal round. Be smooth. …and
watch out for curbs! Damn, snow in the wristguards. It’s a good
thing I’m up to 50% success mounting or I’d be going nowhere.

Dylan, you still up for running against the bikes on Mt. Washington?
Riding in snow rocks!

Cheers, Greg