there was already a video with the same name a year ago…
i know there isn’t a lot of snow, but it was fun to ride and film :roll_eyes:
the tricks aren’t really hard. there will come a big video for EUC :slight_smile:


don’t know why vimeo put it in 4:3 format :frowning:



Cool, I liked that it felt really relaxed, it was fun to watch.

Nice :slight_smile:

360 on wheel looked so easy
can’t wait to ride with you next week :wink:

…des gleiche gilt für die Freunde aus Oberhofen!Schön mal wieder was von euch zu sehen!
I hope we see use at snowriding with Ski!!!

nice video :wink:
in a paar tag sengma se jo :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet video! It had a cool feel and was so fun and easy to watch.

I think you’re the best unicycle movie maker out there:D

haha thank you very much :slight_smile:

Nice vid!
Can’t wait to see you ride at EUC :).

I just cant wait to see the “big video” that you mentioned…

+1, although I’m feeling a tie between Raphi and Sinco :slight_smile:

This video owns. I love the look of fifthsides.

Sinco hands down…

Your fifthsides look too easy