Snow muni

Hey everyone. How’s it going for you all? I finally made a video today that I probably shoulda made a few months ago. It’s footage from last winter of 24" and 36" muni in the snow. Nothing very technical but it’s still pretty fun.
I’m on the 24"er and Jerrick’s riding the Coker.

WARNING: The music is pretty much constant swearing so if you’re easily offended by foul language, mute the speakers or cover your ears with pillows or plug them with cotton or all of those things or something else or all of those things and something else!! I don’t know…

Hope you enjoy!!

Peace and Love, Jackie


Hahaha, sweet video. I was hopping to see the wreck with me getting all muddy. (which later turned to ice, freezing my whole pant leg)


Looks like alot of fun I wish we got much snow around my part of the world.

Oh yeah! And then hiking back up the hill in the below freezing temperature at 8 at night!!!
Good times, good times. :smiley:

snow is fun but i hate it for riding…
the coker in the snow, id never do that no way id die soo bad!!

great footage, but the song…well ehhhhh

It’s called Martin Scorsese.

It’s the same band that I used for my last vid…