Snow Muni

Comments appreciated.


Now with added Youtube!


Thats alot of snow! Nice job, being undaunted by it.

Haha, some funny bails in there. Really well presented too, your new camera looks awesome.

The skid at 2:20 was awesome.
Looks hard but now I feel better about my normal riding :smiley:

C’mon you gotta land those skids, haha. Looked like fun.

Oh trust me we tried! Its damn near impossible to get a really long decent skid! We managed to do crappy short ones, but we didn’t think they were good enough to put in.

Thanks for the comments guys :slight_smile:


whoo needs to land the skid, they’re funnier if you end up on your back lol :smiley:
you had way more snow than us, no fair :frowning:

Wow that looks like a lot of fun:)

what frame is that looks like the knoxx trials frame :thinking:

cool vid and really nice edited:D i think its the first muni vid wich is not boring and also liked the music:D

that was a great vid with nice bails and cool riding

looked like a lot of fun with the slipping ground:D

Glad you “maked” this video… made me feel at home. Shows uni/Muni can just plain be fun, fun, fun without always trying to be a skills competition.
Nice camera work and all. I liked it a lot.

owwie slide bail

it snowed here today got about a foot of the stuff !!! :roll_eyes: :D:) :astonished: :sunglasses: :wink:

Nice vid. It looks like you had bunches of fun.

I felt the fall on the last scene. Ouch!