snow in London (UK)

Seen at

i’ve never seen snow in real life.

and i’m glad.

What the article writer is missing, is that unicycles are actually a brilliant way of getting around in snow - maximum traction, easy to take on public transport if it is running, easy to walk with through deep snow, and doubles up as a makeshift ice axe if the worst comes to the worst on a steep slope.


Just what I was thinking. I would much prefer to ride my unicycle in the snow than my bike. I went riding with a friend last night, I was doing 180s and 360s in the snow but my friend was scared to even pedal his bmx for fear of slipping over!

EDIT: I recognise that guy, can’t remember his name though!

Haha, I like how Joe’s excellent comment on the website is several times longer than the paltry ‘article’.

It’s a small shame that he’s photographed on the pavement though, as that’s not really advisable or legal (isn’t a unicycle is legally a bike in the UK?), and often worries people, with or without good reason. But it’s snow time though, so normal rules often don’t seem to apply :slight_smile:

I’ve recently moved to London but not taken a unicycle outside yet. Biking in the traffic is fun though.


I think it’s probably Jamie Ashdown-Parkes (sorry if I got the name wrong), who posts here as jap.

If it is him, that’s good because I haven’t heard from him since he pulled out of the Exmoor Explorer race a few months ago with an injured knee - glad to see you’re riding again Jamie (if indeed it is you!)


Similarly, somebody seems to have taken a picture of me this morning for the BBC local news :slight_smile:

Not much snow here at the moment, but too icy for my liking on a bike - muni is the commuting vehicle of choice.