We recently got a fresh dumping of snow here (about 20 inches). I rode the muni last winter, and had a blast. But this year, I have a Coker for the first time. So, today I took it out for a 30 minute sidewalk ride. It was a little more slick than the 3 inch Duro tire, but it was manageable, and loads of fun. I can’t wait for the ski doo trails to be fit for riding.

I love winter riding!!!

My mom and I were talking and she eventually mentioned that I’ll have to stop riding over the winter… I told her I’ll ride through the snow, and she just went :astonished: .

I had my first ride through snow the other day. It was only like 2 inches but it was awesome. A lot softer than the asfault so you can’t feel the little bumps on the tire when paying close attention. I wash I had a coker. Then I could go fast through the snow. That would be awesome.

I agree… riding a Coker in the snow is loads of fun!

It is one of my all-time favorite things to do on a uni :smiley: !!!

I wrote a post containing some of my thoughts and experiences about riding through the white stuff in NYC last winter called Snokering