Sno' Fun Uni - Weathering Proofing Test

Hey guys, I shot this short video earlier today to test makeshift weather proofing (ziplock bag) for my camcorder. I filmed for less than 20 minutes so theres really nothing very good as far as the riding goes. That snow sure does look pretty in HD though.

It was several inches of the super light powdery sort of snow, not at all good for unicycling. This sort of snow gives you no traction. The heavier wetter snow is much more fun to ride on. If it were downhill it could have been fun but riding on flat ground with no traction is a bit tedious haha.

Watch it in HD or not at all: Snow Fun Uni

Sweet. Hope we get storm while I am in Boston. Slipping around and falling in the snow is always more fun with friends.

Is it just me or has youtube killed the quality?

wow:D i really like the editing+camera, that was great.

no, you can watch it in high quality or normal and in high quality it isn’t bad at all.

Did you watch it in HD? I didn’t think it was too bad, though it is better as a stand alone download.

I just realized that youtube is only offering their real HD in the US right now. You can find a higher quality version here in 30min after this posting time. Its currently still uploading and I’ve got to go. Its still pretty compressed but looks even better still than the youtube HD.

Vimeo became lame. They only let you upload one HD video per week. YouTube’s HD is better. The screen is twice the size and the actual quality is much better.

Wow, I didn’t even know that Youtube went High Def. It worked fine here in New Zealand.

Video was nice, music worked well. It looked really hard to ride in that snow! The shot of the basketball net at the start was really sweet. Some of the shots got a little bit grainy but still really nice.

That was awesome.

It looked like fun plowing through that snow on your Muni.

How much snow do you usually get in Boston?


How did you get the graph lines on your lcd screen. I’ve seen someone else do this with their hv20 but couldn’t find out how. Awesome quality by the way.

Go to the menu, go down to the fourth section titled “Display Setup” and go to markers and set it to grid. Its all in your manual.

Thanks guys, when its the heavier wetter snow (usually in the spring when its starting to get warmer) you can plow through snow like nothing. When its really cold at the start of winter the snow is like a fine powder and just slides around under you so its pretty tough.

It depends, it can really vary from year to year. Sometimes we will end up with a ton of snow and other not much at all.

The wind was super intense when I was filming, I had it on a tripod and theres still some pretty shaky footage.

Some of that grain was snow I think. It never stopped snowing, the whole time was out there it was snowing as intensely as in the second shot where you see the closeup of the basketball net. But because it was darker and the camera was using a slower shutter speed the snow was never really showing up.

I can’t wait to see this.
Just youtube hasn’t been loading for me lately…

Don’t get too excited. Its me just tooling around for a couple minutes while I let my camera do its thing. I’ll be putting out a real video in a month or two.

Does the download link I gave work?

I have dial-up so I don’t do downloads…
They go real slow and my family can’t let the phone line get tied up for too long.

Jackie, get a download manager. That way, you can start your download, then pause/stop it when you need to disconnect. When you connect again, you can resume your download.

That would be a must for me if I was on dial-up.

Sweet video. Im really tempted to get a high res camera.

brian… you are my favorite

Very lonely … I mean it gave me that feeling and that is what I want from a movie … to feel it. You looked like the Grim Reaper doing some Surveying by that empty ball field. I like. Music added to the feel.
It made me think of Charlie Brown at times … the piano and the pushing of the uni … you seemed a wee melancholy. all good things, these are not negative comments.
Nice job.

really enjoyed your vid Brian! I wish you’d post videos more often!
can’t wait to see the “real video”
keep up the good work!

So the Youtube isn’t twice as big as Vimeo but it is significantly larger. Look here, I overlayed a screen shot of the Vimeo player on top of the Youtube HD to compare sizes: