Sneaker Unicycle

I was looking around for unicycle pics and came across a tennis shoe unicycle here:

(about half way down)
anyone have a idea as to how one could be built they look really neat, some of the inventions shown are downright awesome

those were sick :astonished:

That is some odd stuff.

I had seen that page before, but didn’t notice the Wheelbarrow Unicycle- about halfway down, same picture as the Horse unicycle.

…they charge you for like a week’s worth of labor just to build up one uni :roll_eyes:

How long would it take you to make one? Back in the day, Tom Miller was known for notoriously undercharging for his work. That may have finally changed…

As for how it’s built, it’s a bunch of “spokes” made out of square tubing, with shoe forms on the end and shoes attached to those. The ones I’ve ridden weren’t very round, but I guess if they were they would look less like sneakers and more like a wheel. But those are real sneakers on the ones Tommy made.