Sneak Preview of my new Custom MUni

Have a look at this fine Bedford Custom MUni. Darren put this together for me and I am totally stoked with the combo he has created.

The tire is the 3 inch Gazz, hub Suzue, rim Alex DX32, Monty 158 cranks… gonna be a sweet ride!


bedford custom muni.jpg

oh yeah, here is a close up of the wheelset…


custom muni wheelset.jpg

That looks great, particularly the red hub and rim! I know exactly how you feel having just recently finish putting together my custom muni. I’m getting it painted this week (metallic orange).


Bedford Muni

Nice Muni Erin,Cool.

I got a Bedford too. .Chopped and tweaked the crown to accomadate a Gazz 3.o.
I Mounted Migura brake mounts ,a 27.2mm seat post tube and a railed seat bracket made out of a miyata seat post and odds and ends Oh ya Profile etc,.Just triing out the slick,don’t know how much I’ll use it? I’m living in the Mountain bush here ,when I get to Town I guess ? but had to check it out .
Got a quiver of Muni here.It’s great eh


Cool Tim, what kind of cranks do you have on there?


Oh yeah, and if you want to see some more pic’s of my custom MUni and the regular 3 inch Bedford MUni go here:


From the looks of those pedals you must be quite a wheel walker, Erin. I really like the orange frame and hub. I scored a Dyno Fireball tire from the Mississippi boys and, rather than replace a tire on a unicycle I already have, the reasonable thing would be to build an entirely new unicycle around the tire, don’t you think? I think that industrial-flourescent orange ensemble is just the ticket. I’d look hot riding around on it in my black one-piece, too.

Oh great…just when I got my yellow and black combo (that’s coming) to the back of my mind.


I scored a Dyno Fireball tire from the Mississippi boys

Where can you get those, i want a fireball tire so bad!!! :thinking:


I just wanted to show my Favorite uni It has a cheapo tyre, Lollipop bearing holders, Hard seat and plastic scuff guards on the front and back of the seat. It is an 20" Action and I bought it at Bicycle-source and I paid $89.99 for it with free shipping. Learned to ride a Uni on that cheap piece of ****. Best buy on the net. Can’t wait to get my 24" ChromeTorker delivered from them that I ordered friday the 14th 2003. I paid $89.99 for that, also it comes with a free stand and a free tube. Didn’t want to spend the extra $20.00 for the black one because I wanted it shiny. People who don’t know anything about unicycles have no Idea what a good one is from a bad one and besides It’s not what you have but how you use it. Maybe with that $20.00 I saved I will take my wife out to dinner at McDonalds and finish the nite off with an Ice Cream.:smiley:


I have done extensive research and thus discovered that, in fact, powder coated frames and wheelset do, most conclusively, contribute to an improvement in the unicycle rider’s skill. Therefore, it is entirely worth the expense to get a powder coated uni as you will most certainly become a better rider because of your lovely stead.
Do not settle for chrome if it is an ‘expert rider’ that you are striving to become!

Erin will now take her tongue out of her cheek…



  It's a bedford built Profile hub wheelset,$875.00.
  Bedford frame customized .Should outlast me??


yeah Tim, it will be pretty durable. How long have you ridden that sweet customized MUni?

Hey, we’ve got to arrange some MUni riding together in the next 6 months or so… you’ve got too many uni’s that need company! LOL :slight_smile:



that is way cool! Darren had mentioned the different colored parts to me in an email. This really shows how awesome the colored parts look.

Darn Good Darren!! Fill that niche, baby!!

I want purple.


How much did this all cost you?

I have a bedford muni with a suzue , normal cranks, 2.3 " tire, and a double walled down hill rim.

And it all came up to about 250$

I like the “3 leading - 3 trailing” spoke pattern on your wheel, Erin. I’m considering using it for a 48 spoke 29er.

that’s one of my fave spoke patterns too - I built up a road-going 28inch 36 spoke with that pattern a while ago - I’m working on a variant of that pattern at the moment with un-even spoke lengths leading and trailing.

I must say,
I saw your unicycle the other day (when those pictures were taken) and it is one of the nicest ooking unicycles i’ve ever seen! It’s got the sweet spoke pattern, and all the powdercoating! WOW. And it’s light too!

You’ll love it!


Ryan, I’m jealous :wink: you got to see the custom MUni in person before me…LOL

Yeah, I think Darren has a nice sense of style when it comes to uni’s.

I love that spoke pattern too. I had it on my first MUni - a little surprise as I didn’t know it was going to be that way. And now I am thrilled that it is on the new 3 inch MUni and in black too so it should will really show up well.