Snapped my square taper!

Hey all!

At the weekend I was going to go out with a mate to get some footage. I grabbed my uni and met my friend in town. We walked for about 3/4 of a mile to find some new spots. I saw a nice wall and rode up to the back of it. This wall was about 45-50cm high at the back and the drop onto the pavement was about 1.25- 1.5 meters.

When I landed there was a loud “BANG”, I thought “Oh bollocks! Iv burst my tube!”. I looked down and my crank and pedal were laying on the floor! My square taper axle had snapped! I have been expecting this for a while now, but it happened so suddenly! I thought it would bend over time rather than suddenly shear.

Oh well! Now iv got an excuse to get an isis hub! Haha! My girlfriends gonna hate me when she see’s how much im gonna spend out on a replacment!

Rock on!

And the worst thing: My mate wasn’t even filming! Aggghhhh!

Ouch, This is another reason to go splined BEFORE you break square taper.Its good you didnt do like a 5ft drop when this happend, Injurys can happen when things break on big drops. Oh well, ISIS pwns. You getting the Qu-ax or Koxx?

“Oh No, Oh No, OH NO! crash Ooohhhh Yeahhhhh…”

Definatly the Koxx, my little bro has one and its solid!

Also, glad to see your making an effort now Evan, you are acually a really nice guy. You would never know that from some of your old posts. Nice to talk to you!

Rock on!

That is weird that it just snapped, no bending or anything before hand to really let you know it was gonna give soon.

Glad you didnt end up messing up your ankle or something from doing a really big drop and having it snap on you then.

Got any pictures of it?

Have fun once you get the Koxx hub. =p

Yeah, im lucky it didn’t stab me in the ankle or something!
Don’t know how long it will be until I get the Koxx, could be a couple of months yet!

I will get some pictures of it when I get home.

Rock on!

get the koxx i think they would be good plus you have various crank sizes to choose from

Ok, Iv been riding leos wheelset for about a week.
I broke it!

Its exactly the same thing that happened to my first rim!
Now I have no trials uni to ride!

Rock on!

Is that a KH rim?
Because I had the same thing to my firts KH rim.
If you contact the shop where you bought it you can get a new one for free.
It’s a manufacture fault.


Oh yeah, I forgot, he bought it from UDC! I will get on to Roger!

Its the early KH rim I think.

Rock on!

Yeah becuase it has a breakline.
The rim breaks on that line.


Heh… when I snapped my square taper hub it was on a prehop. MY MATE WASN’T FILMING MINE EITHER!!!

I was most annoyed.

Edd… I think we’re the same person

  1. Our names are Ed(d)
  2. We both snapped our square taper hubs completely unexpectatly (although I bent mine to hell first)
  3. Neither of us got it on camera
  4. You will soon upgrade to a Koxx 1 ISIS hub (which I got a few months ago)
    -insert another similarity here-


In agreeance (is that a word?) with Evan ISIS does PWN.


Ed… I think we’re the same person

  1. Our names are Ed(d) (The best name!)
  2. We both snapped our square taper hubs completely unexpectedly
  3. Neither of us got it on camera
  4. I will soon upgrade to a Koxx 1 ISIS hub
  5. We both ride Unicycles
  6. We are both people
  7. Your name is edsbelly, Which suggests you eat a lot, Or like food. Just like me!
    -insert another similarity here-

Rock on!

Okay, okay, I have a couple more

  1. We have nearly the same amount of posts
  2. We both have feet… or do we?
  3. We always end our posts with Ed(d)
  4. We both like Koxx giggles
    -insert pun here- =\



I emailed Roger at UDC UK and he told me:

So the rims that were recalled were made from the wrong material. Its not the groove in the sidewall that makes them weak. Although the rims with no groove are stronger aswell!

So thats cleared up now!
I hope Leo doesn’t find out I broke his rim! Lol!

Rock on!

look on the bright side…you weren’t seriously hurt when no one was filming :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’d be even worse! Missing a nice painful injury!

Rock on!