Snapped my Shadow base

I was out riding today. Part way up a hill I heard a “plink” noise and my handlebars became wobbly. I stopped and discovered this (no unicyclists were hurt).

It’s a clean break in the tube, right at the end of the machined stub section of the centre block. Seeing the inside does make it look like an obvious stress point. I seem to remember that the early Shadows had this problem, but I thought mine was a second gen version which fixed it.

It looks like there’s a newer (third?) version of the base now available with extra reinforcement ( Hopefully this fixes the problem for good :).

Yes, I broke many a Shadow handle since 2010, always at that stress point. That newer version seems to have a squarish cross section in the stress area(s), which could cure the problem.

After the fifth or sixth break, I switched to the KH handle system, but I still use my (red powder coated) Nimbus handle in the KH. Nice that they are compatible!

I have a KH bar on my muni, but the design doesn’t give me as much confidence as the Shadow. It’s probably ok in practice. At least a broken KH bar would probably let me ride home!

That is an old base, the base got updated quite a few years ago.

I just looked on our site and it does still show the old one, but I know this images is out of date. Sorry about that. We do try to keep up to date with our images.

Thanks for the confirmation. Can’t get more official than that!

I have a new one on the way so should be up and running again soon :).