SNAPPED! Koxx Devil...


just been cruisin round the german forums n bumped into this. Looks nasty. I also heard arthur caron snapped an orange bud devil frame in like 1 month and loadsa other ppl too. I swear maybe its cos koxx frames quality is really crap now. i saw a mates one and the legs are not even 100 percent in line with the crown, its slightly angled to one side it seems.

discuss. i guess this aint too encouragin to all those owners of custom koxx one unis. more devils have snapped than kris holm frames, and kh frames are alu whilst devils are steel. just goes to show how shit quality taiwan steel welding can b.

That being said, does anyone know how large the clearance of the most recent batch of Nimbus II frames is on a CC?

isnt the kh frame welded in taiwan too?

and that is one hell of a snap… i guess this is koxx1 marketing - make the frames real weak so people will buy the XTP !

hey that could work… :smiley:

and aren’t the XTP frames even weaker?
might be to get more people to ride KH… not that that would benefit koxx…

XTP’s aren’t weaker at all. I don’t know anyone who has snapped one. Yoggi snapped a prototype, but that can’t count surely.

We also don’t know how this happenend, a guy at FLUCK broke his KH frame by jumping on the tyre down 4 pallets (or something similar).


i’d say under 1/4 inch. havent measured it or anything but its pretty small.

but how many people ride them?
and down 4 pallets on the tire is a lot of sideways force against the seat tube,

How many people ride XTP’s did you mean? Quite a lot, more in Europe than in America.

That’s what I’m saying, this person who snapped the Koxx frame might have done something similarly silly.


Awesome, thanks.

From what google translation was able to tell me from that german thread, the rider noticed that the weld on one leg had a crack in it but kept riding and a short while after the other leg broke.

dang… thats one heck of a snap! :astonished:

it’s really low, like a couple mm’s. that’s what I use.

It is made in Taiwan, but KH does regular quality and safety inspections personaly.

Plus a steel frame should be stronger than an Alu frame. Still though until I find out how he snapped his frame (so gruesomely too) I won’t cast too much blame.

Goddamnit. I just wrote a post but “the server was too busy”.

Well, here’s a repeat:

I don’t care about Koxx frames, and also don’t know anything about them, having never examined one in person, but from the picture, here’s my take on why it broke and who’s fault that is:

However easy (or generally correct) it is to conclude that cheap Taiwanese welding is crap, I strongly believe that is not the case here. One of the best tests of a weld’s quality (especially with steel) is during catastrophic failure (we can agree this is under that category), whether or not the weld itself breaks, or if the metal surrounding the weld fails first. That’s how my boss tested my welds when he first taught me how to weld. Notice in this case how when the frame broke, it actually took entire sections out of the sides of the forklegs. That means that the welds themselves didn’t fail, but the metal surrounding them did. That indicates that the walls of the forklegs are too thin at the crown, and/or that there is not a large enough joint between the crown and the forklegs. Either way, it’s the designer’s fault, not the welder’s. That said, I’ve heard of cost-cutting at factories by using thinner walled tubing, but that’s an issue of Koxx’s quality control.

Maybe this will help.

I was told theres 3 main super bike plants in Taiwan that cranks out the majority of bikes and the likes for the world. Haro, KHS, Trek, Giant, … Kris Holm, Koxx1…etc. Sounds like the frame was made on a Friday. Even a Porsche made on a Friday at 4pm will have defects.

So make sure you never buy a Gibson, Martin, or Taylor guitar made on a Friday!

But yeah, that still sucks. I am even more glad I went with a KH20 now. Maybe he can order a unicycle frame made from same material as the little black box from airplanes. They survive anything!

Interesting insight gerblefranklin, thanks for that.

yeah i know - I also was sure of the fact kh frames were made in taiwan - the idea was just to say that, just cause its made in taiwan doesnt mean its bad!

And funny you say its not the welds and the material that’s too thin - because then that would have meant they put less metal in their new frames - their old frames dont seem to break - and they didnt brag about less weight or anything…

Pringles doesnt brag when they decide to put 6 less chips in every tube.

pringles dont brag when they change the colour of the packet either… but koxx do :stuck_out_tongue: (i mean look its the “white russian” - same as before - in white… WOW)

my torker DX frame still hasnt snapped, really strong, am enjoying it, doing rolling hops ect… on it all the time, and really working it hard…
thats crazy how the frame snapped, do Koxx frames what are the sizes on them compared to the DX? What is the weight of a Koxx frame to a DX to a KH?

The question is whether KOXX made a choice to use thinner (or weaker) material in the newer forks, or if the factory was looking to cut corners and made an inferior product.

This is all speculation of course, as we have seen this breakage on only the one frame. It could be an individual or small-batch defect, rather than a global “design change.”