Snapped KH Zero Saddle Bolt (While Riding!!)

Just got back from a short ride to a friend’s house. The ride ended up with me walking the last few streets home, well hobbling anyway :frowning:
I dropped of a kerb and heard an awful sounding snap, followed by complete loss off control and a freefall to the tarmac… After picking myself up I found my unicycle in 2 parts and realised the saddle bolt had snapped!
I’m not sure how I’m gonna sort out the snapped bolt yet, but if the pain continues to get worse I may not be riding for a little while :frowning:

Bummers, get well soon and I hope the pain doesn’t signal anything serious.

Similar thing happened to someone at the Horwich race last year! Usually the BMX seatpost bolt is strong enough. I think this was one of the things they improved on the One saddle!

May be time for me to buy an improved saddle then…

Thanks mate :slight_smile:
I reckon a trip to the hospital in the morning unfortunately :angry:

Ugh, that’s not great.

Well at least you don’t have to rely on American health care.

Hope the news is all good.

The same thing happened to me but fortunately I was going really slow (so no injuries). I replaced the bolt myself, it is quite easy (if you take the cover off the saddle you can get to the bolt itself). The original bolt was hollow in the middle. The replacement one I’ve got from the hardware shop it is solid and heavier so hopefully stronger.

Good luck with the recovery

see here at 3:23

I changes the bolt with a real strong one.

But now i ride the mad4one saddle/handle in the middle version for muni and i love it!

You might want to get a higher grade steel bolt; the standard hardware store bolts aren’t usually high strength. 12.9 Grade steel bolts are easy to find online, a lot stronger, and still pretty cheap.