Snapped Hub

I snapped my hub at the crank. OH MY GOD!!! AAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!
This really really sucks! :angry:
Any one else gotten this :angry: over a snapped hub. well his is my first uni and i finally deserve a new one but my dad thinks its still good coz i can one foot and one foot ww
tried to tell him i need a new uni so i can practise my newly accomplished trick the 180 unispin
oh well any one else had something like a juggle art uni and rode it until it was quite literally falling apart?

More importantly, which direction does the water go when you flush your toilet?

i went and flushed the toilet, to find out it doesnt actually spin around, however the direction when i flush the water is downards, as with most toilets. I tried it with the sink, and it appeard to spin around anti-clockwise

Spins clockwise up here! =p

Nope, I have never ridden something to have it fall apart on me, I am somewhat surprised my 20-inch has kept up with some of the trials I did on it while my real trials was out of commision. lol

brownboy, havn’t seen you on the forums for a while.

As you know, i snapped my axel, which is what you snapped too. I am pretty sure we had the same type of hub though. Dude, i had to wait a few months before i got my K1 stuff to come, so i was very angry. But i got out there and learnt to wheel walk and 1 foot ww while i only had one crank.

Don’t get so angry, what you SHOULD do, is suck up to your fatherbot now. Go out and do some jobs around the house. Maybe even look at gettin a job and buy yourself one.

Also, the KH 20" isn’t avalible at the moment, so you’d have to wait for the new stock to come in.

keep it wheel!

ooh… and also we did go to the meet yesterday, i didn’t have my phone on me so i couldn’t find your number. Luke does want to buy your seat.


yep. same thing happened to me a couple weeks ago(2 i think)
it sucks man.

Nice one Brian real funny (not) ummm actually i dunno which direction i think its anti-clockwise;)
p.s. It’s my first snap aswell so yeh. Im gonna put it on a plaque with a title saying my first break

i think the water spins clockwise here

Yes it would Dale…Your are in the northern hemispere.

;D ,
John M

I snapped my hub about 2 years ago. Last week, for $20 I had a guy weld it for me. I’m not going to try any drops on it but for freestyle it should be ok.

oh ok thats an idea
thnx man