snapped hub

so I snapped my koxx light hub in 2 weeks of riding. how many other people have snapped a hub and done it that fast? I snaped the axle and broke 1 niple but the wheel is true and everything else is fine. it was gnarly

Sweet post pics. Joe snapped one of his. I don’t know how many he has snapped though.

That sounds impressive, lets see some pictures :sunglasses:


it will be in Joe Campbells next video.

just show us some pics!!!

Pics or it didn’t happen. :roll_eyes:

“We want PICS!”

Please, don’t show us any pics. Please! just kidding, pics would be sweet…

sweet its under warranty still. lets hope the next one doesnt break. heres some pics for ya.

ive got a hollow axle bolt in there in case you were wondering.

bummer, i don’t really ride trials, but are the ISIS lights cut out for trials? because i always thought they designed for flatland.

Wow. That’s not really cool.

And thanks for the pics. :sunglasses:

They are trials cranks, would be pretty bad for flat.


Ha sorry, for some reason I thought you were talking about the cranks. I don’t know why, it wouldn’t make sense :o

I know Joe Hodges has messed up a few of them, I don’t think he snapped them like that though.

ya i got it for street riding but ended up doing some trials on it and it didnt have any problem for a while. then one drop did it in. im sure they are fine for street and small trials but nothing with drops over 6 feet or so. there may also have been a defect in it that lead to its demise.

I did that once with my original Nimbus II axle on my muni… But that was after 9 months of riding :wink: Replaced it with KH 2006 hub, no probs since, until the frame snapped :wink:

the hollow axle bolt may have contributed to the hub’s downfall, having a solid bolt in there would increase the shear capacity. Impressive nevertheless.

ya thats what i was thinking. so im going to trade my friend for some Ti ones when i get my replacement hub

hahaha here it is. that was way to big of a drop for a light hub but i hadnt heard of anybody messing one up so i went for it anyways.