snake trail photos

Hey everyone. I just added pictures of a trail I have been working on called the snake. Check them out:

The uni is the carbon fiber one that I made several months ago. It is going strong. My goal has been to get this whole trail, no dabs. As you move through it, the moves are bigger but on the whole the trail is less tiring the further you get. The first two rock gardens always grind me down right out of the gate. Then their is virtually no smooth spot to recover until the very end. Actually, there is one flat spot big enough to do a small idle about 50 feet after the first rock drop, but other than that you pretty much have to be rolling or hopping over rocks and or pointed down hill sharply all the time. Everything on the trail has become easy for me, but it is just too long for me to get all in one pass. Still I am getting close. The over all quality of the trail is excellant. There is one steep loose decent, other than that none of the rocks move much which is lots of fun. The trail is entirely downhill. You ride a road back up to the top. The rocks are also not as pointy as some other trails here, so it is less intimidating. Its funny, I mostly see downhill bikes on the trail. They all think I am insane, but in truth, the Snake is much easier on a uni than it is on a bike. You all know how it is. There are so many really cool parts of this trail we couldn’t photograph because we only had one roll, but here is a nice sampling. Anyway, let me know what you think.

Photo credits to my ex-girlfriend Katarzyna.


Very nice. I like that split log. I’ve got a similar muni goal: “No. 9” on Mt. Cootha. It’s really rocky and like yours, you don’t get much of a chance to rest. There are heaps of different lines on it and there’s one great rock chute.

When the MTB Park opens up here in Brisbane, Australia I’m sure I’ll have to set some new goals. Here’s just a tiny sample of what’s going to be available:


Edit - Now that a few big drops have been built we can expect heaps of high and low skinny stuff. :smiley: