Snafu: Sealed or unsealed bearings, for trials

I am about to buy a trials uni and was wonndering what you prefer and why. for trials…the snafu sealed bearings or unsealed bearings.

Thanks for those who reply


make sure they are the old snafus.


I shattered the left pedal platform on thursday on a failed jump, so I’m looking for pedals, too. I’m curious as to why they should be the old ones.

Re: Snafu: Sealed or unsealed bearings, for trials

I’ve got two sets of Snafus, both of which are sealed. I think they’re great pedals. However, I know Pete66 (Pete Merchant) has some non-sealed Snafus where the bearings have gone a little funny after not very much use.

Get the sealed ones IMHO.


I have had no experience with Snafu pedals, but I’m pretty certain sealed are better than non sealed bearings. I have Pr1mo tenderiser (non-sealed) pedals that came with my Wilder MUni, but the bearing races are stuffed because I dropped the Unicycle in the sea, and sand got in there. I had the bearings replaced, but the pedals no longer spin as nicely. I intend to get sealed bearing pedals eventually, when I can afford them. Seems like sealed ones would be less fuss than non-sealed.

Buy the unsealed one’s…You will smash the sealed ones and they will be ruined forever. If you buy the Unsealed one’s you can get them for $25 cheaper and if you smash the bearings you can just take them out and put them back in right…or just buy new bearings.

I’ve used two sets of unsealed old style snafus. The first pair lasted for more than a year, and than started losing pins. The second pair I used red loctite when screwing the pins in, and they’ve been going for almost a year without losing any pins. And keep in mind I do a lot of pedal grabs on stone and concrete. I think they’ve got a lot of life left in them. I have one more pair of old style snafus in reserve for when my current ones give out on me.

I don’t have any experience with the sealed ones. They’re probably better, but I’ve never had any problems with unsealed, and I don’t want to spend extra money on pedals I’m going to beat the crap out of doing trials.

The old style snafus have eight pins on each side, and the pins are allen screws that go in from the top. They also have a square shape, which is perfect for pedal grabbing, especially on rails. I hear they are good for grinding as well.

The new snafus have four pins on each side, which screw in from the back. This makes it more likely that they will push through the pedal and come out. They also aren’t as beefy as the allen screws the old pedals use. They don’t have the same square shape as the old ones.