Snafu Pedals

I bought a pair of snafus a few months ago and I love them. They are strong and grippy. But just yester day I saw a there was a pin missing. Whats with that because I dont grind.


i took two pins out of my welgo try-all branded pedals. VP-566 or sommit. THat was from pedal/crank grabs.

It happens when the thread just goes after a pedal grab or something and the pin just pops out.

SNAFU pedals have 4 pins per pedal side that screw in through the opposing side of the pedal. Make sure they stay tight. As with all screw in pinned pedals, they can come loose over time and fall out. I’ve ridden my 36er with snafu pedals for about 800 miles and so far no problem with the pins…I couldnt take them out if I tried. If they keep coming loose, a dab of your favorite sticky goop should fix that. Put the adhesive on and screw the pin in tight.

I have a set of snafus

Sitting on the shelf ! They came on my KH. I used them on my 36 for a while. IMHO these pedals are to heavy for the fat man. I replaced them with these super light 8$ nylon wonders and never looked back. Good grip in the wet, all you need on a street uni. Even though I have the heavy steel radial wheel setup, the lighter pedals are way better. I feel it in my knees every time I brake.
An excellent pedal for a street uni. And I am not a cheap ass (just an ass sometimes LOL). I use 150 $ DMR ti- mag pedals on my muni. You can’t beat these pedals on a 36 street uni at 330 grams. At any price.:slight_smile: