Snafu Pedals

Are these good? i saw what someone said about them being on ebay…and needed new pedals anyways…anyone used them?

Snafu’s are a good choice. I’m pretty sure that’s what Ryan Atkins rides. Primo Super Tenderizer’s, (which you can find on are also a good choice, thoes are what I use.


Anyone else?

Old style Snafus are my favorite pedals for trials. The square shape of the pedal, and the placement of the pins is perfect for pedal grabbing, especially for landing on rails.

If you see some old style snafus, grab them while you can. I just bought another (new) pair on ebay, so when my current ones wear out I’ll have something to use. They where actually cheaper on ebay than when they where still available in stores.


I bid on the ones on ebay, old style unsealed i believe.

well i havent used the pedals but i go Muni riding with a friend on his DH b*ke and he uses Snafu pedals and he said he cant wait to get some new ones, useless he said.

Not my opinion his (for a b**e aswell)


Anyone know how good those would be for grinding?

I’m not that experienced with grinding, but I know that you don’t want pins on the pedal you grind with. Also, Zach Jucha told me that you should use a plastic pedal for concrete grinding, and a metal pedal (with no pins) for grinding on metal. So far, it seems to work! :slight_smile: Maybe someone else that is more experience in grinding can reply with a post…


Actually, when you are grinding metal rails you want to be using metal pedals with pins in, the help hold you pedal on the rail much like the plates Dan heaton has welded on the bottom of his pedals just not as well. On rails the snafu pedals are awesome the positioning of the pins works out great,
I say all this after spending the last month learning to grind rails with old style snafu pedals and it works great. I recommend them for any grinding use except concrete. If you are grinding flat metal you might wanna look into one of those plastic grind plates for the bottom of bike pedals available at under pedals. But I think snafu pedals with a grind plate will work better for metal edges than plastic ones will just because they have some grip to them and plastic ones your foot tends to slip of and onto whatever you are grinding.

That is what has worked for me and I have got grinding down pretty well now.