Snackin' w/Shaun Vid


Well another little video. After this one i’ll be setting my mind straight for a higher lever vid with Keaton and Jerad, hopefully. So the last little one for like a week or two. Enjoy.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. This one is a little weird but try to get through it, haha.

Another awesome video dude. Maybe I won’t quit. Maybe Ill keep at it.


Hahaha! I loved this vid, it made me laugh, and had good riding, and you used a song that I havent heard in years.

Keep up the great riding and videos, ill be waiting for the next one.

Yay! A Shaun vid where I can actually do some of the lines!:slight_smile:
I liked it a lot. It was funny and the tricks were good (I don’t really like the cereal though)

I knew it!

I wish my bowl of trix could do that…

that’s the first time a unicycle video has made me actually LAUGH (like, at a joke.)

good video.
Totally inspiring.

I dig the zaniness. I dig the trix mix. Nice.

hahaha WTF?

I do believe that is the best video I have seen come out this year!
I love the showmanship / theme / comedy thing you had going on there.
I also like how you took the time to put titles on the tricks.
Hope to see a lot more of this.

that was so good. i love the fake laughs. Nice riding aswell



Very clever.

It’s incredible how you never cease to amaze us with these videos.

I think this was one of your best videos too.

I loved the 180/late 180 looking thing, or was that just my computer skipping?

None-the-less, excellent video.


That was a really great video Shaun. Quite funny and some awesome tricks. Now that you are no longer getting hit by cars maybe the next step is to try unicycling on the car instead of running on it :stuck_out_tongue: I think if you could do that then you would undoubtedly be the king of street.

Very funny and cool vid.
You keep surprising me Shaun.
Best birthday present ever :stuck_out_tongue:
Keep it rolling


I love breakfast cereal!

That was a really fun vid. The grab onto the merry-go-round was fun. I wonder if you could jump on with enough force to make it go around all by itself? Probably, but not very fast.

It sounds doable, but would probably require a lot of practice, which would mean a lot of “modification” to the car’s hood and possibly other parts. That shot would also be fun on foot if you could get it where your body doesn’t go anywhere left-to-right as the car passes under you.

Playing with cars has its obvious dangers. Be careful! But meanwhile, think about how often someone in a car gets to say they were run over by a person…

yoo shaun that seemed like ur older videos… barelly any crankflips lotsa spins… whats going on with u ? are u abusing drugs ?

SICKKKKKKK i liked that vid!! man i wish i could ride like that… i like your recent vids x100…

nice video

I must admit that I love the tricks in it ! Good work

haha! that was halerious. i liked the tricks in it alot to. great job i loved the random stuff to.

i think shean should get into advertising

JUST THINK OF THE ADVANTAGES!!! :roll_eyes: :smiley:

Sweet vid…il watch it before i go uni for to…make me go like ‘yeaaaaaaaa’:smiley:

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