Smuggler Trail, Co.

Very popular hike, ride in Aspen. It leads to many excellent rides, which are beginning to get unrideable. But after the first snow of the year in the valley last night, this morning the trail was empty and magical. Great climb to a viewing deck of the West Elk Mtns. and the town of Aspen. My dog and I were cold, but had a great ride anyway. Here are a couple of pics from the ride.

Aspen, Co.


What used to be smuggled across the pass?

Silver, the biggest silver nugget ever came out of Aspen Mtn.

Thats a beautiful view in the second picture.

Mike, the state of Colorado should pay you royalties or something for all the unicyclists that are probably moving there as a result of seeing your pictures… :slight_smile:

I miss home…originally from Grand Junction (born in Fruita), and home of the great movie: American Flyers…the Tour of the Moon was actually filmed on the Colorado National Monument, and has become one of the countries greatest Mountain Bike meccas…