Smoothest "trey" spin.

This thread is inspired by Forrest’s recent video.

Anyone who thinks they have a smooth 360 u-spin post a short clip of your best, smoothest, most buttery one you can pull off and ride away from.

After we have enough we will have a vote on who is the best.

And we could do this with a lot of different tricks, be imagiantive!!


i have the smoothest 1 fted glides…i nominate myself. can i do that?

haha cool Chase, I can do smoother, I’ll film one when I get our video camera back.

And, I’ll second Jonny’s nom. for gliding.

I thought it said “I’ll second Johnny’s mom. for gliding.”
…but then I re-read it…
lo siento, amigos.

Well ive landed some pretty damn smooth ones off of 3 sets out in Victroville and Wrightwood(I dotn really have stairs where I live lol) Rolling trey-spins I can get pretty smooth il try to film one for ya if I can, I can film one for oyu doing it off my porch if you want, but its only like 5-8 in w00t w00t

I don’t really like the name trey spin…trey flip is ok but we already call the unispin a 360 unispin, it doesn’t really need a new name.

I’ll film a flowy one tomorrow too.

I dont really either but i thought for the sake of non confusioni I would stick to the name he used…BUt yeah guys lets just call it a 360 unispin I think it sounds cooler too lol

I can do a pretty smooth rolling hop…


Either or for naming is cool. I usually call them 3spins or 3 twists, to tell them apart. Because 360 unispin actually sounds really lame. “Are you going to 360 unispin that?” haha. “3spinnin that?” I don’t know. Of course I don’t like hoptwist either. haha. Oh well. This is kinda an interesting thread since it’s all about just like one clip things. I’ve never really seen that before.

-Shaun Johanneson

But whats funny is that noone has submited a clip yet…

Xavier by far has the smoothest unispin.

I think this thread is more towards “normal people”. :roll_eyes:

Our video camera is being cleaned or whatever at the store.

I haven’t filmed any yet but I just landed the smoothest 540 unispin I have ever done. It was rolling with no set up hops at all.