Smooth tires??

Hi, my name is mykal. I have been unicycling for about a year and 1/2 I was wondering what kind of unicycle the people use in the video and how they got smooth tires. :thinking:

Most use a 19" trials. 2.5" wide tires

Shave off the tread w/a belt sander. A Tryall resonds best to shaving. Rolls a bit more smoothly, a bit lighter, and foot on tire tricks are a bit easier.

Personally I wouldn’t do it. I don’t think shaving helps THAT much and cuts the tire’s life in half.

Another option is a true 20" wheel like the KH Flat. And use regular smoothish BMX tires. (Max width available = 2.35")

the blue one looks like the Kris Holm 19" long neck. The white one looks like the impact 19" trials. Smooth tyre is probably just wear and tear.

I didn’t watch much of the vid but the tire on the uni at the beginning was DEFINATELY shaved.

Hello Skilewis, you’re probably correct. I didn’t get to read your post until after I posted my reply. BTW, the owner should buy a pair of shin guards. His shins are shredded. lol !

Hey, in case you didn’t notice I replied in your other thread.

thanks Ill makesure to sand my tires

where did you find the KH Flat? can you send a link?

KH Flat (not currently listed at UDC US? & out of stock at UDC UK)

Other candidates:
Nimbus Equinox (they used to have a 300mm neck but now just 200, 400, & 500mm. )

Nimbus II