Smooth cam attachment (less then 10$)

I allows me to get smooth moving shots while running/riding/skateboarding; you can imagine how it works by looking at the photos.

i can also turn it upside down to switch the height of the camera (eye level). but then i would have to add a counter weight.

it will come in handy.

i was going to make this and bought all the screws and such.The i got lazy and couldnt be bothered getting the pipes lol.+1 for actually making it :stuck_out_tongue: now you can go and make another video :smiley:

yah i didnt have the $ to buy the steel pipe so i used some plastic pipe and i glued it.

yeah new vid on the way ( couple weeks)

Can’t you get close to the same smooth tracking shots by just holding the camcorder still as you move, without this rather large and heavy contraption? ? I can run with my camcorder and still keep the camera pretty steady. Also, if I had this steady cam thing and wanted someone to track me while I was riding, would that person have to know how to use it properly? Is there a certain method required to attain the desired results, or do you just hook it up and go?


having experienced a similar homemade steadycam, the difference they make is surprising, they really do offer a benefit to stability which is noticeable in the video they record. I used it with the camera on top and a weight at the bottom so it was appropriate height to view the screen while running with it. It only takes a couple of mins to learn to use one, it’s just about realising how your hand movements affect the shot.

If you want more tangible evidence check out the link Emile.m posted to what the guy cals his $14 steadycam, it’s essentially the same design and he has vids of him using it, and the footage he produces.

it’s a similar design to the cheapest commercial steadicams too, although they are a bit lighter, I think have some more degrees of freedom of movement isolation between the hand and the camera. We have one at work, and it works jolly well (although reportedly not as good as a body mount system, but then we didn’t have thousands of pounds to spend).


Thanks, but next time, try to keep your answers brief. :stuck_out_tongue: :roll_eyes: :wink: