Smith Rock (Oregon, USA)

I was talking to a park ranger at Smith Rock (popular with rock climbers)
and he told me that he sees mountain unicyclists 2 or 3 times per season
(although I was the first he had seen in about 6 weeks). Has anyone on
this list ridden there?

I rode Burma Road, Sherwood Road, and Grey Butte trails. Great panoramic
view of the Three Sisters, Mt. Washington, Mt. Jefferson and the Central
Oregon Cascades.
Scott Arnold
Springfield, Oregon

Handlebars are for wimps

I may be out at Smith Rock this weekend, it’s good to hear that it is uni friendly.

you bum,i’m still feeling it from last week-end :frowning:

I had a great ride at Smith Rock last Saturday. The views are spectacular and the weather was perfect. I went on the main trail around the base of the rock then I pushed the muni up over Monkey Face, rode across the top then walked down the steps on the other side. Looking down from the top at all the step my wife had to remind me that my first name does not start with the letter K. It was odd seeing people hanging form the rock looking at me like I was the crazy one.

I also got to ride the top part of the MacKenzie River Trail from the trail head down to Clear Lake and back, a most enjoyable ride. I know cliff rode the whole 27 miles in two days last spring, I would have trouble getting through the lava fields between the lake and Blue Hole. The MacKenzie River Trail would make and interesting Oregon MUni weekend some year.