smily mount/rolling jump mount Idea

has any one here ever done what I call a smiley mount(if so go down about4 lines), where you start w/ one foot on the tyre and the other on ther ground and you lift the ground foot off and then bring your’e tyre foot down and kinda jump onto the uni and then ride away or has any one here ever done what I call a rolling jump mount where you run w/ the uni in front of you and jump w/ you and the uni still moving andf then put youre feet on the pedals (good timing is essential)

Point of post:has any one here ever done a Smiley mount or rolling jump mount and did I get the names right

I have tried doing a donkey kick where my foot slipped of the tire and landed on the pedal while the other foot went onto the other pedal, I landed in SIF but still rode away.

The rolling jump mount is how I learned to freemount, cause I needed momentum to get up, so at first it was a walk, but then it became a little run and I could hop on. I haven’t done it in a long time because I can just walk onto my uni in about 1 second and ride away, so the extra running and whatnot isn’t necessary, unless Ive wrecked and need to catch up I’ll do the running jump mount.

I’m not sure what the right names are for them but yes, I can do both the smiley mount and the rolling jump mount.

yeah, done both of those mounts. not hard to do eh