Smelly gloves

After a 3 seasons of use my trusty Kris Holms gloves have stood up to wear and tear of almost 3 seasons.

Now they are smelling their age.

How can I clean them and descent them ?

Soap and water ought to do the trick.

Three seasons? My wrist guards (Hillbilly) stink after a week or two. Maybe it’s because I’m old.

As with most smelly clothes (pants, socks, trouser, shirts, etc) I find throwing them in the washing machine (and then turning it on) normally sorts things out.

Oh. Maybe that’s my problem:D.

Odor is caused by bacteria.

By the time your equipment smells, there may be too many bacteria present to use a simple washing method such as soap and water. You might get the smell out temporarily but it will come back quickly as the remaining bacteria reproduce.

Time for serious battle! You’re going to want to sterilize or kill those bacteria. UV light is good for sterilization but is not readily available for many.

Bacteria don’t like extreme temperatures… nor does the material in your gloves. You could boil them, but the gloves may not make it through the process. Try sealing them in an air-tight bag and tossing them in the freezer for a while.

I toss my damp kitchen sponges in the microwave for a minute each and it kills the stink… perhaps you could dampen your gloves and do the same? I’ll give it a try one of these days.

Giving the gloves a nice long soak in the bucket of hot water with Simple Green does the trick for me.

But doesn’t this lead to the next question…

How do you get the simple green smell off of your gloves? :slight_smile:

Well…if the gloves are going to smell like something…Simple Green isn’t unpleasant. If you don’t like the Simple Green smell, I suppose that after washing, you could don the gloves to eat an onion and pepperoni pizza. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use regular anti-bacterial hand soap for stinky things like shoe insoles and the like.

…funny, 'cause I never use the stuff on my hands.

I keep a spritzer bottle of rubbing alcohol in my gear-corner. Every piece of sweaty gear (pads, gloves, inside of helmet) gets a quick spritz and then hung up to dry.

It kills the bacteria, then evaporates. Now my “sh!t don’t stink”, as it were. It’s beautiful, baby.


Def gonna try that, I need a peg or two to hang my stuff one really!!

I know someone who is into theatre. She told me they spray vodka on the un-washable costumes. It kills bacteria. You could try that. I suppose you could carry it in your Camelbak;).

[continuing OT]I bet cheap vodka could be less expensive than drug-store rubbing alcohol. Same exact principle, anyway.

You have to kill the bacteria, freezing won’t work. Since you live in Fredericton you should be able to find a place sanitizing hockey gear (with ozone in a machine like sani-sport). Try a local hockey rink or hockey store. I don’t know how much they would charge for something small like uni gloves.

Was recently given the same advice. Added bonus is that you can also drink some of the Vodka :slight_smile:

Thanks for input

Thanks everyone for input. I’ll do some thing with them before the dog gets a hold of them.

I have been using this for over 2 years a couple times a week, and YES, including safety equipment.

Lotus Sanitizing System

This $150 magic bowl turns ordinary H2O into superoxygenated water that can clean everything in your house, neutralize odors, kill microbes and even rid foods of pesticides. Cure all known diseases? Well, they’re not going that far. Either dip whatever you want super-cleaned into the bowlful of cleansing water, or put that special water in a spray bottle to spread its goodness hither and yon.