SMD video.

It’s short and sweet. In this here video, i set a new record of one and a half driveway’s length.:smiley: i’m also working on spoke-walking this thing.

hahahaha, that’s great. buen trabajo, amigo!

I think you’re right that it wouldn’t work as well with pegs, beause the only part of your body that you can use for balance is your legs…kind of the opposite of a BC wheel.

but i’d never know until i tried it, now would i?

1, 2, 3, go!

(and we’re going to want video of this too!)


I hope you don’t take this the wrong way. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but from the point of view of someone who both downloads and uploads movies it will be much less effort for you to update your player(s)/codec(s) than for him to save a new movie file in a different format and upload it.

I’m pretty sure there will be plenty of old threads on which players and codecs you can download that will play almost (if not) all of the videos you find on the site.

Good luck,

Edit - Cool video. :slight_smile:


It would seem that you have waaay too much time on your hands :wink:


What is this SMD?
I couldn´t reallt see what you were doing in that video.

It looked hard though…

nicely done i say:)

that, that is NOT the case, my friend. That was built over many, MANY afternoons during the BEGINNING of my school year, when i don’t have much work.

i wish i had too much time on my hands.

and to answer the question as to what it is:
it is a the front half or so of a bike, with the fork and handlebars welded so they don’t turn, and the seat welded on.