**Smallspin Competition**

Okay, here goes with competition #3: Smallspin

Just to make things clear, a Smallspin is a 180 unispin with a body varial. This means the unicycle itself will complete a full 360 degree rotation and you will end up facing the opposite direction that you started facing.

My understanding is that this would be a rolling smallspin. I know some of you are in favor of that and some may be against it. Personally, I think that’s a good idea. If enough of you are against it, we’ll change it.

Again, the competitors are as follows:

  • Marcus
  • Brian
  • Jason
  • Sam Haber
  • Amanda Gallacher
  • Matt V
  • Henry Johnson
  • Hugo Dugulay
  • Matt Aaron
  • Byron
  • Zachary Wenner
  • Jerrick Crites

Sorry if you missed out on the registration.

As far as rules:

You may not compete if you have landed a Smallspin in the past
Your Smallspin must be camera-documented to be official

Footage must be recent
The Smallspin must be a Smallspin
This means you must rotate a full 180 degrees as your unicycle rotates a full 360 degrees
The Smallspin must be performed in a ‘rolling’ mannerNo hesitation - maybe one prehop?
First to submit their video wins

Note: As many of you can probably assume, we’ll more than likely have a very sketchy video or two submitted. If a video submitted stirs up any contreversy, we have a ‘majority-rule’ policy. The members of the competition will either agree or disagree that the smallspin was legit…

Here is the trophy:


Which looks like this:


Cool I have not ever landed one of these, or tried. I have only done inwards. meaning the uni does a 180 and I spin in my blind direction. time to go practice.

Oh to make that clear
both the uni and yerself will spin in the same direction for this trick.

My new seat and tire came in the mail yesterday so I’m gonna go practice.

Good Luck everyone!

you just described a bigspin a smallspin is a 180/180

Isnt a big spin where the rider does a 360 while the uni spins under them?

He is right. A small spin is when the uni rotates a full 360 relative to the ground or an outside observer. But its only a 180 relative to yerself. make sence?

It’s hurting my brain to think about that. I believe you spin the unicycle in the same direction as your body is spinning. Think of it like this: You are doing a unispin as you are spinning 180 degrees…which leads me to my next point…

No, I described it correctly.

Watch in this video at 1:20 if you’re unsure of what a smallspin looks like.

A small spin is a 180 unispin 180 body twist in the same direction from seat out to seat out.

A varial is a 180 unispin 180 body twist in the same direction from seat in to seat out.

a bigspin is a 360 unispin with a 180 body twist from out to out.

I was confused at first but I get it now. I can kinda do a 90 degree twist with the 180 unispin. I hope I can land them soon. But right now I cant find the camera right now so… I guess I’ll just keep practicing:)

does it have to be rolling then? if it does, do you have to roll out of it backwards or can you finish on hopping or can you roll into it land the trick and then hop before you roll out backwards? just trying to clear it up

Idk thats a good question. I think it’d be okay to do a few hops after landing…and It doesn’t really matter which way you roll out of it does it?

Sounds good, I still need to land a crankflip tho. I will go out and start giving small spins a try.

I am going to try to learn them static first and then it will be easier to do them rolling.

so you need to go into it rolling then have to rollout within a few hops

That sounds good. You can’t expect someone to land it without any hops while they are still learning it.

just checking im doing this right I was out just earlier and Ive just been out again with the camera, and yes I know it needs to be rolling.

Looks good.

I got It! I can’t believe it! I just practiced for like 2 hours straight. Here it is on youtube(might not be processed yet). I landed it on my Nimbus X, even though I was switching between the Nimbus and my Qu-ax.

Landed it. Vid coming

pretty easy! I sang to myself all the way home.

Beat me by 3 MINUETS!!! hahahah

Oh and i got it rolling!

well done man, I guess I was too slow
I just landed one stationary although im not sure if my body rotates the full 180 but it looks like yours doesnt either

heres mine

im going out again to land it rolling although its too dark to film it :frowning:

I say that was too sketchy, you only rotated your body 90 degrees. I think we should be promoting smooth style therefore should only be allowed one recovery hop max.

I haven’t been able to practice, I’ve been throwing up all day. :angry:

Remember Shaun’s quote “one hop is a gift”?