smaller wheels

i was wondering to do like hops and stuff is it easier with a small wheel?

what do you mean smaller wheel ? like 20" or smaller than a 24??

give us more info

if you mean a 12", thats really too small to do much and they aren’t produced any stronger than a learner uni—you could probably break the hub on a small hop

most people generally go for a 20" for trials, street, freestyle, and flatland but some people use a 24"

only thing i like my 24" for is unicycle hockey and i haven’t had anyone to play against in a while…

I repeat the wisdom of the poster before me, “what do you mean by a ‘smaller wheel?’”
some would interpret that as anything smaller than the legendary 72" uni…


well mine is a 24 inch wheel (i think)

and it looks bigger than other unicycles ive seen and i thought maybe a smaller one would be easier.