Smaller wheel on a larger frame

Is it possible to mount and ride a smaller wheel on a larger frame? I was comparing a 24, 26 and 29 KH muni and found that almost all of the stats are the same except of course the wheel diameters and fork length of the frames. Is there something that would hinder a rider from putting a 26 wheel on a 29 frame (or other combination) and riding it? Would this cause any loss in performance or undue stress to the uni?*

I’ve Seen that you can put a 26" wheel on a kh29 frame. Anyone tried putting a 24" wheel on a kh29 frame? If u are using rim brakes there are the mounts to consider.

A frame much larger than the wheel works, if the hub/bearing is compatible. Problems come from installing rim brakes, since the brake mounts no longer line up with the rim. Modern disk brake may even eliminate that problem.

Using a bigger wheel fame puts the frame split higher where it can rub against your thighs.

Some tricks such as wheel walking may be problematic with the higher frame .

I use a larger KH frames: a 24" wheel in a 29", 32" wheel in 36.


I got a 29 and a 20 for my girlfriend last, to cut costs we use the 29 frame for both wheel sets. It works fine although there are a few tricks you cant do with the 20 because of it.

Triton frames come with several mounting points for the brakes so you can do this :slight_smile:

It does make it look a bit of a mongrel though :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info.

Thanks. I appreciate the info.