Smaller, personal victory!

Hello All,

 While my story isn't as exciting as riding across the Golden Gate Bridge or
 any of the number of great uni stories I've read since subscribing to this
 list, it is my personal victory story and I thought I'd share it with you.

I purchased my used 20" Schwinn uni from someone I knew through work. Armed
with nothing else than a "don't fall off" warning and some downloaded advice
from the internet I set off to teach myself to ride a uni. After several
practice sessions in my girfriends basement I took my uni to the theatre
where I work. Here I had access to more space, about 50' in a staight line.
Within a month I became good enough to try it out of doors on our newly
surfaced parking lot.. Of course by now it is Late November in Pennsyvania
and turning cold and snowy. So once again I retreat to the safer confines of
my stage. Over the Christmas holiday I made the goal of learning to ride AND
juggle at the same time. I gave myself a full year to achieve this. (Sort of
a New Year's Resolution)

Well, I am happy to report that on Monday February 26th, 1996 around

12:20pm EST (some 10 months early) I rode my uni 10 feet while juggling 3 balls.
Needless to say I am happy about my accomplishment. Now I have ten months
left to perfect the skill.

 Thank you all. I hope if there is anyone out there who is still learning
 they can take some inspiration from this story.

Until then. . .