Smaller, Garage Sale

Ok, I have some items that I too need to get rid of as well

Nimbus II 20" frame. Takes a 3" PLUS tire easily. Used but good. $30.00
Norco (United) 20" frame. Round crown, used but great. $20.00
165mm Echo Alloy Square Taper cranks. Great for MUni. $15.00
NTappin Aluminum BC Plates. Never mounted. $15.00
Axiom 25.4mm Rail Post for Torker DX or other. Like New $15.00

All items are shipping at your cost and priced in Canadian Dollars. Great news, I will take the US dollar at PAR.

Please get a hold of me here or email me at work ben at hendrixequip dot com

I can never get friggin picture to work on here so the pictures are in my gallery or I will try again here as attachments. Sorry everyone…

How much would shipping for the plates be to postal code 95938

Hey thanks for reposting the oictures, I can never seem to get that to work.

Cody, shipping to you would be $15.00 for 9 day service. If I send it regular post, like 10.00.

Sqared tapered cranks 15$ sounds good for me !
How much for shipping to Montreal :H4C 3B5 ?

I Know they’re longer but straight is better than crooked

Hey Someoner. Shipping to Quebec from here, $8.50 2 business day service.
$8.25 for 3 business days.
Let me know quick. Thanks, Ben

Do you accept e-mail money transfer ?

If you mean Paypal, you bet.

Check your pm’s

Cranks are sold…

If BC plates aren’t sold, I might be interested, can you look up how much shipping to Mount Prospect, IL 60056 would be?


No problems, Ground Zero. I check later when I’m not on the handheld. Price is negotiable.

7-9 dollars to ship to there from here. Thanks

Hey, if they aren’t already taken, how much to ship the BC plates to 01886?

Hey, I think you can have them, I’m short on money now cause everyone owes me money right now.

I might take em, but first i’m gonna try to make my own plates…

You can try but I dought you can make 3/8th inch alloy plates, bent, not welded for under $25.00…Labour, materials, drill press and aliminum break, all pretty expensive really.

Hmmm… doesn’t seem that hard… just need a hacksaw, power prill, vice and vice grips… probly won’t use aluminum tho.

Hmmmm… the axle hole in those plates doesn’t seem big enough… i’ve pretty much decided not to make my own plates, but are these good quality?