Small wheeled unicycles

I am interested in a Uni with a small wheel diameter. Whenever I am home and have some idle time I I grab my 20" uni and just ride around inside my house like an obstacle course. I find the 20" a little too fast for this type of riding. I think that a smaller wheel will allow me to negotiate my house with more agility. The smallest wheeled uni I have found was a Sun 12". Does any one know of a uni with a wheel diameter smaller? Aside from balance are there any major drawbacks to such a small wheel? Does anyone else ride inside there house?
Thank You for your input.

Re: Small wheeled unicycles

like cranks hitting the floor?

Here’s one:

For that one you won’t have the problem of cranks hitting the floor. :smiley:


If this small wheeled uni (say the smallest i can get is 12") was proportional to my 20" then i shouldn’t have problems with the cranks hitting the floor but the crank arm lengths woud be 2" that’s short.

Re: Small wheeled unicycles

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>Does any one know of a uni with a wheel
>diameter smaller?

At the uni club where I used to go we had a uni with a wheel of about
6" diameter. It had proportionally short cranks but since the pedals
extend sideways you still couldn’t turn tight corners. Fun to ride,
very high rpm’s were easy.

I don’t know where you can buy one. It was probably a one-off made by

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