small video, small rider

I don’t think Pau has posted his vid here…
so I will do it ^^
pretty good riding!

small video,small rider , BIG TRICKS!! awsome riding

very sweet. Nice 540 side.

I hate sony and WMG :angry: can´t watch it here in Germany:(

Wow, that was very nice. I liked the sidespin-rollingwrap trick. Kid’s got style :wink:

Very talented, Nice landing pad at 14 & 17 seconds (Plywood on tire)

Keep up the great work.

Awesome style

can you aski him to put it on vimeo?

You are awesme small guy :slight_smile:
I’m definitely not in this kind of flat ride and videos, but this one really impressed me. Keep rolling :slight_smile:

Wow, super impressive riding, great video.

I’m Pau’s brother and i have just descover that my brother video is posted in this forum, thanks Tim :wink:

i wont to seey you thanks very very much for all coments on behalf of my small brother :smiley:


I’m sorry, but I didn’t get what you mean by lond, but you’re probably right. :stuck_out_tongue:

Small video, Small rider. is sweet. I love the trials.