small unicycle WTF?

about 5 people i have showed my uni to were suprised it was so tall like i don’t have a girrafe or anything just a normal uni, they thought it was going to be knee hight

has anyone said to you that you uni is bigger than they imagined it to be?

Only because most people are used to a 20" rim that performers ride… they weren’t ready for my 24" Muni :wink:

all the tme i get that. probably cuz a lot of the time i let little kids try and they cant even get on the pedals unless they ride seat in front. crazy kids.

Nope never happend to me but I do have a16" and people always THAT THING IS TINY HOW DO RIDE IT!!?? and I say the same way i ride my other ones and they go “oh”

It’s also fun riding a 12" uni… A friend can ride pedaling with just his ankles :wink: