Small Spin Help!

I can do 180 unispins 100% of the time and Body Varials 100% of the time, and here lies my problem. I unispin counter-clockwise and body varial clockwise so this makes it very hard to land small spins. Does anyone have any tips or should i just learn my body varials counter-clockwise. if it helps i jump right foot forward.

i feel like i did a bad job explaining what i am doing so here is a picture. The uni su the black my body the red


well, I small spin the opposite direction I body varial.

dont go for the whole ting, just do a 180 unispin and a 90 twist while your learning.

It sounds like you’re trying to do an inward unispin (180 unispin + body varial in oppostite direction). A small spin is a 180 hop twist and a 180 unispin in the same direction.

I had to change my hop twist direction to learn them and I learned them static first.

how does that work. I thought that a hoptwist was just a jump in which your body and the uni rotate in the same direction?

he just confused you.

its a 18 hoptwist with a unispin in the same direction.

dont think of it as a body varial.

The first small spin I ever landed was inward. That was because I do body varials to the right(easier) and unispin to the left. However I hoptwist to the left, so learning regular smallspins and big spins came pretty easy.
Anywya, why not try to learn them inward if that is easier for you.

ok thanks for the advice