Small or big feet

I was wondering if some tricks are easier or harder depending on the size of your feet?
I have size 13 (USA) and a 19" trials.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news. :frowning:


I’m size 7, and it took me all of 5 minutes to do upside down backwards wheel walking. :roll_eyes:

Djibouti’s has the hardest working researchers in the world to bring us this sort of information. It explains everything. Can this thread be stickied?


Simply awesome.

MuniOrBust: great idea

Wiskow: Don’t worry just buy bigger pedals

Since I started unicycling I never changed the size of my feet. So I can’t really tell, sorry.

i wear a size 14E i dont have any issues doing any tricks

Unless you plan to change your foot size, it really doesn’t matter. Clearly a larger shoe/foot will have less clearance for some types of moves, but if you want to do them I’m sure you can.

That explains everything. What does research say about high heels and unicycling?

I have never really thought of this. I wear 12 and I ride a trial uni with 140 cranks, so if I point my toes down they hit the ground when I pedal. I just assumed everyone did that, however if you had size 7 feet you might not fall from tripping on the ground lmao!

As for tricks, I would assume smaller feet might be better for freestyle, but when it comes to falling I would assume that bigger feet dont twist as easly causing ankle rolls…?