Small flip vid

Hey guys, 'sup?

Check it out, I’m close to Tripleflips.


[EDIT] Yeah, just a few flips in here.

Nice, you almost got that triple.
Triple backs just seem impossible to me. Good job.

Hey Mike,

Nicely done, but why did you settle for the trip back like that? lol. I know you got better than that. I really thought you had the tripflip though, oh well. lol. I liked it. I got some more footage in today, so i’ll be releasing my flip vid shortly.

-Shaun Johanneson

Shortly betta’ come round soon mate hah.

Yeah, the tripleback… I was gonna do some fancy editing, which is why all the clips are from the same angle (didn’t move the camera once). So after I landed it I didn’t want to do it again, but don’t worry Shaun, I landed loads so I got loads on camera too, just wanted all the same angles.

Yeah, that tripleflip, I could get it, but crappy British weather is bad at the moment.


your hand was red!