small cranks on a 36'?

hey I just got a 36 for christmas. but the cranks are really short and it is hard to get going on it, to start. and to speed back up once I have slowed down. it that they way I want them or should I go for a bigger crank?

You left out quite a bit of important information. In order for us to help your case, you should tell us:

•What length cranks are on it now.
•How far you plan to typically ride.
•What kind of terrain are going to be ridding; Hills, Road, Offroad, Flat roads.
•Is there gonna be little or lots of traffic on your route.

These things would all help to figure what crank length is ideal.

A big wheel unicycle is gonna ride much different from a smaller wheel. There is a chance that after getting used to the unicycle, the cranks you have now may work out fine. However if they are smaller than 125-150 range, then hills are gonna be pretty tough. 125 is gonna be too short for offroad ridding.

If you are going to be ridding on pretty flat roads with low traffic, then shorty cranks are ideal for hitting higher speeds, something like 114s. 125s for more control. The hiller, more trafficafied your ride is the longer you “may” want your cranks.

If you ask most riders, they may have a favorite crank length, but the truth is… having a few different length options will be ideal in the long run.

My allrounder cranks are 127mm prowheel’s, since they have nice speed but are able to get up hills, although they are in my opinion useless for offroad… so I suppose it is up to you. What size cranks are on there already?

You probably want to start with 150mm cranks. Harrisonburg can get hilly and 150 is a good size to start with, although a lot of people switch to 125s pretty soon after trying 150s.

i did muni on my coker with 125’s. It was a lot of fun (If extremely hard is fun)

I also had 125s on my coker, but then decided to try 102s and they were a lot of fun too also. Unstable, but fun nonetheless. :smiley:

I always ride 114 on my coker, I only have the choice of 114 or 125 and for me a Coker is a speed machine, that why I only ride 114.:slight_smile: