SM Video 2011

This was my vid for the videocompetition at de swedish campion chip!

enjoyed it man :slight_smile: nice work, more street would of been good. but your flat style is really nice so cant complain too much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Decent vid. Good skills.

I haven’t seen the others, but I’m gonna guess not a winner (I saw one vid lately done for a contest, which your’s is better than, but I don’t know if it’s the same contest).

Constructive criticism:
-Some of the camera angles could have been better and more of them, ie if you are in the same location, move the tripod a few times a bit.
-The camera person wasn’t too steady (w/ that angle a tripod would have been better). A camera person w/ good steady hands could have made some good panning shots.
-The editing could have been a bit better.

Nice video! Your 720s look really cool, and there were some really creative tricks in the video too!