Slowly and Carefully

WOO! I finally received the last part of the puzzle that is my dream trials unicycle… Lets see… Alex DX-32 rim, Profile crank and hub, Yuni frame, Miyata seat, and Twisted Pro pedals… Its a beautiful thing… However, it is much like owning an expensive car, you want to bring it up to its max speed but you realize how much you’ve spent and so it takes a while before your dumb enough to try. I’ve been progressively testing its limits further and further and this morning brought it off a 3 and a half footer off a trailer with ease. What is it capable of? Can anybody tell me when I’m taking risky jumps on my equipment? Can it really take the pressure of a 6 foot drop like I’ve been told? I’m pretty good at rolling out my drops but occasionally I mess up. Will this make a huge difference on its life span?

Seriously babying my unicycle.

Mr. B. Shins,

Think about it this way. As far as 4x4 trucks go, cowboys buy 'em to work 'em, yuppies buy 'em to wax 'em.

You bought more of a great uni than a great looking uni. Once you start using and abusing the thing, each mark or scratch will be a trophy and have a story behind it.


Thats funny because my trials uni has so many scratches, and I wouldnt be able to tell you where any of them are from.

I would say if you have a lifetime warentee on your hub and cranks try anything and everything you come across. I dont think your going to break anything with a profile. If you use proper teqnique too your rim should be fine. If Kris Can land a 14 foot drop and ride away with no broken parts, then you doing stuff that is 8 feet is doable.

For me, I think if I had a profile my problem wouldnt be trusting my equipment, but rather more getting over the mental block when your standing up on a 6 foot drop and realizing I’m not going to get hurt if I huck myslelf off of it.

Go big and have fun

Thanks for the encouragement. I felt particularly disheartened after seeing the broken Monty rim that was posted. That was horror in its fullest. Funny though… hehehe… That musta hurt.
Your right… every scratch is worth it and with a warrantee like that I SHOULD do everything I can to get my moneys worth.

I didn’t know you were building a custom uni. It sounds a lot like mine. I’ve got the Profile setup, a custom made frame, a Miyata saddle, and I’m getting the Oddysey Twisted Pro pedals, Alex DX-32 rim, and a 3" Gazz. What are the pedals like? I haven’t bought them but they have some at the bike shop.


Its funny about those pedals. I had a pair on my muni that I used for 3 years and all they got were some bent spikes and lots of scratches. My friends now using them… but this new pair broke the day I got them after an attempt at a pedal grab. I seriously will be posting pictures of this stuff soon. Watch this post or something else by me for them.
I like The Twisted but I’m kinda confused

OK… heres a picture of the shattered pedal.

You mentioned wanting to see the custom uni. Its not really custom because I didn’t build any of the parts from scratch or anything but… its custom to me… take a look at the link below:

broken pedal.jpg


How easily do the pins bend or squash or whatever happens to them?


They bend easily enough that if I was somebody who was going to be doing pedalgrabs or crankgrabs A LOT, I wouldn’t buy them.
Go for something more solid and without replaceable pins.


Tim –

Sounds like you should just take them back and get a warranty replacement.

Broken crossbars like that are not unusual. Pedals with unsupported crossbars like in the attached picture may eventually break a crossbar if you use them for trials or DH/Freeride. Beefier pedals usually have some added supports for the crossbar or have a completely solid end similar to the Sun Ringle Octane
(this is no endorsement of the Octane as a pedal, just an example of a pedal with a closed end design)

The strength of the crossbar depends on the pedal design and strength of the metal that the pedal is made from.

If you are worried about bending pins in the pedal find a pedal that uses 4mm pins instead of 3mm pins. 4mm pins are stout and are not likely to bend. They may still fall out and get loose, but they shouldn’t bend or shear off.

If you’re uni has a red seat uniryder, then I will be scared: that unicycle is 100% exactly like mine. Alex dx-32, profile hub w/ black cranks, yuni frame and miyata seat, and an Arrow 3" wide tire. :smiley: I have a a few squished pins on my silver (yours look gold but i can’t tell) odessy pedals, but that’s the only difference. However, I am getting a Velo seat sometime after Christmas, and I plan on painting my frame black,instead of silver, and maybe get black pedals. After that, riding at night might look like I’m floating.:slight_smile:

Good point! You would look like you were floating. Or you could buy tiny little mirrors and paste theme all over your unicycle… anyway that would be a sweet looking uni. My seat is green. I wanted one of those sweet black ones they came out with (miyata not KH) but… green is ok.