slow race rules

What rules & standards would be appropriate for slow race?

track with 30 cm (12")
length 5 m (16’)

no backwards pedalling
no hopping
should still stand be allowed?

No still stands are allowed. You have to be moving forwards the whole time.

No still stand

The complete rulebook is here:

Thanks Borges. I notice they don’t say anything about using brakes …

Having brakes is fine. Using brakes will probably not be helpful in any way I can imagine.

As always the hard part about the slow races is the judging. It is very subjective, so it’s all about the quality of the person judging you. In most cases, they are doing it for the first or second time. Some judges are much more forgiving than others, so absolute results, such as world records, can’t be worth too incredibly much.

Not to take away from those amazingly slow people who can take forever to go 10m without appearing to ever stop! Colin Schworer for example.