slow motion vid needed to correct tricks

Yes you can loose some ability: now I cannot freemount my Coker any more :frowning:
no way!
I know most of this is Psych. so I need to set my head correctly first.
for this I watch videos with Coker free-mounting … but I need slow motion to understand what is really happening . anyway to have that?

(btw looking intensely at such details have shown me strange details: for instance MuniAddict your front pedal goes slightly backwards before your foot
is set properly; I am wondering if that does not put some shock on your foot.
On another vid. -was it by jester?- the pedals remain horizontal and the foot
that hits first point downwards … I think it is interesting …)

I know some of you are going to answer : train, and train, and train again… except this is going the other way… the more I train the more I am unable to succeed.:o I have had such bouts previously and recovered but now … I am really sad.

Hey, I have my coker out being borrowed by a friend, but Ill get it back soon and make a short for you. The slow motion will look something like this.

Are you trying a static mount or do you walk with the uni and try to mount in a movement?

both (I could do both but no more)

If you’ve already got mounting videos, VLC will play pretty much any video file, except maybe quicktime, and will slow it down for you.

It’s kind of fiddly to use, but does the job.


now how to use that with Youtube videos?

This is my mates ‘how to download youtube videos’ tutorial, hope it helps:

If you use Firefox you can get the VideoDownloader plugin which will allow you to download YouTube videos. You will need to save the file with a .flv extention. VLC can then play the file. You cannot however forward or rewind the video.

Save the video and open it with Windows Movie Maker (If you have Windows) and add the slow motion effect.

Hey Jerrick, that’s really cool slow-mo…it’s so smooth!!

Hmm, I’m not quite sure what you mean. I mount my coker in various ways, but the most common for me is just to quickly jump on and go. When I do the jump up mount (not to be confused with the “suicide mount”) my right foot hits the pedal just a split second before my left, then I just start pedalling forward.

Have you tried the “rolling” mount? That’s probably the easiest since you already have some momentum by the time you get up on the saddle. I just push the uni forward 'till it’s moving at a good walking pace, then when the cranks are right I just step up, on and go. Also, the rolling momentum of the wheel actually helps to 'lift" you up onto the saddle.

I know I have to practice with just the right momentum: if I get “up” to quickly I suffer from orthostatic (“black veil” on your head when you go up too quickly).
I also often miss the exact position of the pedal.
I don’t give up but it’s the third of fourth time I am despaired by loosing the capacity to freemount big wheels - I even have problems now with the 29er-
That you can “loose” a skill is something that puzzles me. (though my riding is getting better all the time).

As terry said, the rolling mount seems to be the best for you.
Start walking and think about catching the pedal when its about 45° from the vertical position (when it’s going upward).
place your foot on the pedal, switch brain off… that’s it;)
…I know you love to ride with the saddle tilted upward, you might want to tilt it to a more horizontal position just to make your freemounting easier. When you get more confortable/consistant with it you’ll be able to switch back to it’s optimal position.
Hope this helps;)

Oh, wait a moment… Now, recall that youtube has rubbish quality.
Slowing down rubbish quality videos is of no use.

So it’s way better to slow down a video before uploading it to youtube.
Especially when Jerrick offered to do it. And Terry loves making videos so
I think he could easily be presuaded to make one as well :wink:

And as for myself I’d also be happy to see those videos because I’m still rubbish at freemounting cokers.



Slow-mo vid of me doing three basic coker mounts coming up…:smiley:

that seems very complicated.

i just use

Here it is for those who missed it:

Here it is for those who missed it: